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If you just purchased the software and you requested electronic distribution and you have received your installation password, this is the correct place to download the software.

TIP: With the RSHD/NT, REXECD/NT, and RCP/RSH/REXEC products, once you've entered your installation password, you won't have to enter it again when installing updated versions in the future on the same system.

Downloads for Licensed Users


The files available for download from this page are for licensed users only (that is, users who have purchased the software).  The files are password protected, so unless you have a password* that Denicomp Systems has supplied to you for a particular file, do not download it - you will be wasting your time.

* - If you already have a licensed version of RSHD/NT, REXECD/NT, or RCP/RSH/REXEC on your system, you may not need your password.  See the TIP at the left.

Download Licensed Winsock RSHD/NT
Current Version: 2.24.01
Download Previous Version - 2.23.08


Download Licensed Winsock REXECD/NT
Current Version: 1.08.06


Download Licensed Winsock RCP/RSH/REXEC
Current Version: 2.08.01


Download Licensed Winsock RSHD/95
Current Version: 2.18.05


Download Licensed Winsock REXECD/95
Current Version: 1.01.00


Download Licensed Winsock RCMD32.DLL
Current Version: 1.90.01


Download Licensed Winsock RCP32.DLL
Current Version: 2.00.01



I purchased the product through your online web store, but I didn't receive a password.
You should have received an order confirmation e-mail from Digibuy automatically after you placed the order.  Your password is at the end of that confirmation e-mail.

If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail and you entered your credit card information on the web page, send e-mail to to have it re-sent.

If you chose to send your credit card information by fax or phone, it can take up to 24 hours for Digibuy to process it.  If it's been longer, e-mail and include the reference number you received from the web site.  Denicomp Systems only sees fully completed orders, so any problems with credit cards has to be dealt with by Digibuy.  Denicomp Systems never sees any of your credit card information.

I purchased the product a while ago - can I get the latest version?
Updates to the software are free to licensed users, so if you are a licensed user and you want to download the latest version, this is the right place.  If you have licensed a software product or products, but you lost your password, send e-mail to and request the password.  In the e-mail, list the product(s) you have purchased and your license numbers.  If you do not know your license numbers, include your name and company name in the e-mail (and the name of the person who originally registered the software if you know that) and we will look up your license numbers for you.  Of course, this may take a little extra time, so be patient.


I purchased Winsock RSHD/95 awhile ago.  My password won't work when I try to use it for Winsock RSHD/NT.
Updates are free only within the same product line.  Winsock RSHD/NT is not a free upgrade for RSHD/95 and Winsock REXECD/NT is not a free upgrade to REXECD/95.  They are separate products.