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Be sure to order the product you really need. Remember, Winsock RCP/RSH/REXEC is client software (rsh, rcp, rexec commands to communicate with a server). The Winsock RSHD and REXECD products are server software, servicing incoming rsh, rcp, and rexec commands.  The RCMD32.DLL and RCP32.DLL are development tools for programmersPlease ask us before ordering if you are not sure what you need.



Order Online, Quickly and Easily

You can order online using any major credit card, safely and securely through PayPal, our e-commerce provider.

Licenses are sent via Electronic Delivery.  License information will be e-mailed to you explaining how you can download and install the licensed version of the software.  This information is e-mailed to you quickly and automatically after your order is processed.

Order Winsock RSHD/NT

Order Winsock REXECD/NT

Order Winsock RCP/RSH/REXEC

Tips and Reminders about Ordering

  • On the online order forms, there are discounts for multiple licenses found under the License Type and Price field.  For example, with the RSHD/NT product, the price for a single license is $44.95, but the price per license for multiple licenses is $40.00 per license.  Keep in mind that this is a price per license.  It is not $44.95 for one license and $40 for 10 licenses!  That doesn't make sense!  For example, if you need RSHD/NT for 5 systems, the price would be 5 x $40 = $200.
  • If you do not choose the discounted pricing under License Type and Price, you will not get the discount.  MyCommerce will not allow us to refund the difference to you.


Order by Phone or Fax
If you prefer not to enter your credit card information on the web, you can use the online order form and choose to submit your credit card information by phone or fax. 

If you choose the phone option, at the end of the order process you will receive a reference number and telephone number.  Call the number and provide your reference number and credit card information. 

If you choose the fax option, at the end of the order process, a page will display that you need to print, write in your credit card information, then fax to the number shown on the page.

Order By Bank Transfer
Non-US customers may find it easier to pay by electronic bank transfer.  If you would like to use this option, please send e-mail to and ask for our bank information.

After you make an electronic transfer, please be sure to send us e-mail that includes the product(s) ordered, amount transferred, and your shipping address (unless you want electronic distribution).  The bank does not notify us of transfers, so it is very important that you let us know about your transfer so we can send you the software.

If you require a CD to be shipped to you, be sure to include the shipping charge.

Order By Check or Money Order
To order directly from Denicomp Systems using a check or money order, send the order form and check/money order to us at:

Denicomp Systems
PO Box 731
Exton, PA  19341

Checks must be in US Dollars and must be drawn on a US Bank.  Our bank does not accept checks from non-US Banks, so non-US checks will be returned.

Don't forget the order form!